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Christoph Krabichler

Christoph Krabichler
Sous Chef

"Gronda is an amazing platform for all F&B professionals. You get new insights and you can connect with amazing chefs around the world. I love to share my own work and get feedback on my creations. 3 years ago I got contacted by a restaurant. At that point, I didn't want to change my job. This year they wrote to me again and I just recently started my new job there."

Tobias Kleinlercher

Tobias Kleinlercher

"I use the super simple and fast Gronda app already since 2017 to search for jobs and do my applications. Especially in times like this, the app was super important for me, as it connected me fast with my new job."

André Meicke

André Meicke
Commis de Cuisine

"I searched for luxurious hotels and restaurants in Switzerland to find a job as Commis de Cuisine. Despite the Corona lockdown, I received fast answers from the companies and could decide on a new role. Thank you Gronda for providing such an innovative solution."

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